Converting Steam Gift Cards for Cool Cash on FlipEx

Converting Steam Gift Cards for Cool Cash on FlipEx

In the world of gaming, few things are as exciting as receiving a Steam gift card. These little digital tokens open the door to epic adventures, breathtaking graphics, and the immersive thrill of gameplay. 

But what if we told you that your Steam gift card can offer more than just gaming excitement?

Welcome to the world of FlipEx, where you can convert your Steam gift card to Naira and turn your gaming assets into valuable financial resources. 

What is the Significance of Steam Gift Cards?

Steam is a video gaming powerhouse, with a massive cache of eSports games available to millions of players and active communities spread around the globe. Steam gift cards are used as a digital store of monetary value on the Steam platform and this is why they are highly sought-after commodities among gamers.

Steam gift cards provide an easy means for players to make important in-game purchases that will elevate their overall gaming experience. Gamers use their gift cards as a form of currency to purchase games, software, in-game items, and other enhancement features from Steam's extensive library.  

Why Convert Steam Gift Cards to Naira?

While Steam gift cards are perfect for gaming, they remain an alternative form of currency. So, when gamers in Nigeria do not need to make any in-game purchases after buying their Steam gift cards, they can explore the option of converting their Steam gift cards to Naira.

By converting Steam gift cards to Naira on FlipEx, you gain the flexibility to use your Steam digital assets for various purposes including paying bills, buying airtime, shopping and even having some extra Naira in your bank account. Interestingly, you can also provide steam gift card conversion services to your friends to earn some extra income for yourself. 

Converting Steam Gift Cards to Naira on FlipEx

The process of converting Steam gift cards to Naira on FlipEx is super easy, but first, you need to create your account on FlipEx. You do not have to bother about layers of verifications as the signup process on FlipEx is seamless.

After completing the signup process on FlipEx, you need to login to your FlipEx app either on AndroidiOS, or via the website. Once you are logged in, follow these steps to convert your Steam gift cards to Naira:

  • Click on Sell Gift cards - This will take you to the gift cards product page where you will find over 30 gift cards that you can trade on your FlipEx app.
  • Select Steam - Scroll among the options of gift cards and select Steam. Alternatively, you can use the search option at the top of the gift cards product page to find Steam.
  • Select Currency - You can trade Steam gift cards domiciled in US Dollars ($), British Pounds (£), Euros (€), Australian Dollars (AU$), Canadian Dollars (Can$), Swiss Francs (CHf), and New Zealand Dollars (NZ$) on FlipEx.
  • Choose Card Type - Steam gift cards are available in Physical cards and electronic codes formats. To choose a physical card on FlipEx, select the “No Receipt” card type. If your Steam cards are stored in electronic format, select “E-Code”.
  • Choose Card Denomination - Steam gift cards denominations are available from 20-500 denominations on FlipEx. Choose the denomination that matches your gift card.
  • Enter Amount - Type in the total amount of steam gift cards that you want to trade. Our rate calculator will automatically calculate the highest rates for your Steam gift card. 
  • Provide Card Details - Upload the card image for physical cards and enter the code in the text box if you have an electronic code.
  • Enter Coupon Code (Optional) - FlipEx releases coupon codes periodically to give you rewards and additional incentives when you trade. Be on the lookout for our next coupon code.

N.B. - Coupon codes are limited and you will only get their attached rewards when you complete a gift card trade on FlipEx.

  • Click on “Trade Now”

Your Steam Gift Card will be processed and the funds will be credited to your wallet instantly.

Using Funds in your FlipEx Wallet

FlipEx stands out as a trusted and user-friendly platform designed to make your conversion experience seamless. After a successful gift card trade on FlipEx, you can choose to do any of the following with Naira deposited to your wallet:

  1. Pay Bills - You can keep your entertainment options running by paying for your Cable TV. Your power should never go out on FlipEx’s watch. You can purchase Electricity units to keep your meter running.
  2. Buy Airtime - Stay connected to your loved ones by topping up your airtime.
  3. Renew Data Subscription - Internet connectivity is very important and our dial, you have access to cheap data bundles spread across different networks.
  4. Withdraw to your Bank Account - You can send Naira to your preferred bank account from your FlipEx app. Tap on “Withdraw”, enter the amount, Select the Bank from the list of banks available, enter the account number, check that the name validated matches the name on your account. Finish by clicking continue.


Converting Steam gift cards to Naira on FlipEx helps gamers and users alike to address an important pain point. With FlipEx, you will no longer waste unused gift cards, but you will get the best values for your Steam gift cards. 

While you are looking to significantly improve your gaming experience, you can also pursue new financial goals with the amazing gift card trading services available on FlipEx.


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