How Much Is a $100 Apple Gift Card To Naira On FlipEx?

How Much Is a $100 Apple Gift Card To Naira On FlipEx?

Getting an Apple gift card can feel like a real treat here in Nigeria. With their reputation for quality and craftsmanship, Apple products have earned much admiration. From iPhones to Macbooks, Apple has a forte for creating brilliant devices with adaptable technology. 

Apple gift cards give you buying power in one of tech's premier stores. But sometimes cool cash is what you need - whether to cover an unexpected bill or just to buy regular everyday necessities. This is where converting gift cards to Naira comes in handy. And FlipEx makes it quick and easy to unlock that gift card's cash value in Naira.

So, just how much can you get for a $100 Apple gift card to Naira on FlipEx? Well, FlipEx uses live foreign exchange rates to value cards, so the amount changes on a daily basis. Read on to know the true value of your Apple giftcard in Naira.

What Is An Apple Gift Card?

An Apple gift card is a specific type of gift card issued by Apple Inc. It can be used to purchase various Apple products and services across multiple platforms, including:

  • Apple Store: This includes both physical stores and the online store, allowing you to buy iPhones, Macs, iPads, Apple Watches, accessories, and more.
  • App Store: Download apps, games, subscriptions, and in-app purchases for your iPhone, iPad, iPod touch, Mac, and Apple TV.
  • iTunes Store: Purchase music, movies, TV shows, audiobooks, and ringtones on iTunes.
  • Apple Books: Get ebooks and audiobooks.
  • Apple Music: Subscribe to the Apple Music streaming service. Apple Music is one of the dominating music streaming services in Nigeria
  • Apple TV+: Subscribe to Apple's original content streaming service.
  • iCloud+: Upgrade your iCloud storage plan.

These are just some of the possible uses for an Apple Gift Card. Remember, its use depends on the denomination and the recipient's Apple ecosystem involvement.

How Much Is a $100 Apple Gift Card To Naira on FlipEx?

If you ever wonder how much a $100 Apple gift card to Naira is on FlipEx, you can check it out using the FlipEx Rate Calculator. On the Flipexapp a $100 Apple gift card to Naira comes at a rate of ₦1180 per dollar. That means you will get ₦118,000 for every $100 Apple gift card you trade on the FlipEx gift card to Naira platform. 

You can rest assured that FlipEx has the best rates on converting gift cards for cash, and you are guaranteed to be happy after every transaction. 

How Can You Convert Apple Gift Cards To Naira On FlipEx?

To convert Apple gift cards to Naira on FlipEx comes with no issue at all. All you have to do to trade your Apple gift card is to first download the FlipEx app from the Google Play Store or Apple App Store and follow the simple steps below:

1. Register for a free FlipEx account, then provide your basic information as required.

2. Select "Sell Gift Card" then supply the information and amount on your Apple gift card.

3. Examine the quoted Naira rate carefully before accepting it.

4. Upon approval of the deal, your FlipEx Wallet will be instantly credited. You can thereafter transfer your cash to your preferred bank account. 

With these few easy steps, we guarantee you the easiest and best way to exchange Apple gift cards for Naira. The process is quick and secure.

Why is FlipEx the Best Choice For Trading Your Apple Gift Cards?

The answer to the question above is very simple, Flipexapp guarantees each customer the highest rates in the industry for a start. They also guarantee customers a safe trading environment and an intuitive user experience. All these give you the peace of mind you need to trade your Apple gift cards. 

If you get stuck or have any trouble using the FlipEx platform, you can reach out to our customer support team to help you get through the process easily.


Final Thoughts

We now know that using FlipEx to exchange your Apple gift cards for Naira is simple. A $100 Apple gift card presently costs around ₦118,000 at current exchange rates. To ensure a seamless exchange process, ensure to utilize our safe gift card platform. 

Cheers to a successful trading experience!


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