How much is a $100 Xbox gift card to Naira?

How much is a $100 Xbox gift card to Naira?

For any enthusiastic Xbox gamer in Nigeria without an international credit card, you will perpetually face difficulties when trying to purchase the latest Halo and Forza titles from the Xbox digital store. Fortunately, Xbox gift cards provide a payment workaround – that allows you to top up your Microsoft account funds remotely and access abundant cutting-edge games otherwise impossible before gift cards arrived locally.

This article shares everything essential about cashing out Xbox gift card to Naira and securely into your Nigerian bank account using FlipEx - a top gift card exchange platform.


What is an Xbox Gift Card?

Xbox gift cards represent pre-loaded vouchers containing redeemable funds. Holders of Xbox gift cards can conveniently utilize them to buy various gaming offerings from Microsoft’s Xbox online store catalogue without any foreign credit card required.

Xbox gift cards are available for purchase in different amounts from $10, $25, $50 and $100, and they can be used to purchase:

● Latest Xbox One/Series X digital game title downloads 

● Game expandable content - DLC maps, skins, season passes etc

● Subscriptions like Xbox Live Gold and Xbox Game Pass 

● Rentals for movies and TV programming 


Xbox Gift Card Rates in Naira

The prevailing Naira amount obtained when selling an Xbox gift card or any other gift card fluctuates daily based on exchange rates.

Over the past months, Naira payout rates for $50 and $100 Xbox gift cards at FlipEx were around: 

● $50 Xbox Card = ₦30,000 - ₦36,000

● $100 Xbox Card = ₦70,000 - ₦72,000 

Lower denominations like $25 Xbox giftcards proportionately exchange below this benchmark. However, you can always check out the FlipEx rate calculator for current Xbox gift card rates. We ensure it is regularly updated for your convenience.


How Much is a $100 Xbox Gift Card in Naira?

Given dynamic gift card to Naira rates, a $100 Xbox gift card currently exchanges for around ₦72,000 on FlipEx gift card to Naira exchange platform - but confirm up-to-date quotes onsite for accurate payout expected when exchanging any Xbox card amounts as Naira to dollar rates changes continuously.

FlipEx’s transparent process displays quoted Naira sum in real-time for each Xbox gift card value entered during sale.


How to Sell Xbox Gift Cards on FlipEx

FlipEx streamlines the conversion of Xbox gift cards to Naira. After completing the signup process on FlipEx, you need to login to your FlipEx app either on Android, iOS, or via the FlipEx website. Once you are logged in, follow these steps to convert your Xbox gift cards to Naira:

Click on Sell Gift cards – This will take you to the gift cards page where you will find the gift card you wish to convert.

Select Xbox – From the gift card options select Xbox. For ease, you can use the search bar at the top of the gift cards product page to find Xbox.

Select Currency – You can trade Xbox gift cards that come in US Dollars ($), British Pounds (£), Euros (€), Australian Dollars (AU$), etc., on FlipEx.

Choose Gift Card Denomination – Xbox gift cards denominations are available in $10, $25, $50, $100 and up to $500 denominations on FlipEx. Choose your preferred denomination.

Input the Desired Amount – Input the total amount of Xbox gift cards that you want to convert to Naira and our rate calculator will automatically calculate the highest rates for your Xbox gift card.

Provide Card Details – Upload the card image for physical cards and enter the code in the text box if you have an e-code.

Click on “Trade Now


Frequently Asked Questions on Xbox Gift Cards  

1. Can Xbox gift cards buy limited-edition consoles?

Unfortunately, no. Hot-ticket Xbox hardware like special console skins or controllers require direct payments. However, Xbox gift cards perfectly suit digital gaming content picks.

2. Do unused Xbox gift card balances expire yearly? 

No, the credit on your Xbox gift card does not expire, so you can redeem the code, and the funds will remain in your Microsoft account until it is used.


 Final Thoughts

For avid Xbox gamers in Nigeria still lacking viable international payment options necessary for directly purchasing titles digitally from Microsoft's official store catalog, Xbox gift cards bridge this gap. With Xbox gift cards, gamers can have convenient access to the latest games. Rather than wasting hard-earned Xbox gift card funds, exchanging the funds into Naira through FlipEx makes smart money sense. You can contact our 24/7 support team for more enquiries and support.


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