How to Convert Your Target Gift Card to Naira

How to Convert Your Target Gift Card to Naira

Target gift cards are prepaid cards that can be used to make purchases at any official Target physical or online stores. Target gift cards are available in denominations from $50 to $500 and can be purchased at any location nationwide or online. Target gift cards never expire, so even if it takes a while to spend them, the cards remain valid.

But Nigerians who own unused Target gift cards can convert to Naira on FlipEx. FlipEx gift card exchange allows you to securely convert your Target gift card to Naira. It beats trying to manually sell them online or to sketchy online traders.


What is a Target Gift Card?

Target is a major American retailer selling a variety of stuff from clothing, to home/kitchen supplies, toys, groceries, tech gadgets – you name it.

A Target gift card is a preloaded debit card with a specific value that the holder can use to make purchases in any Target store. It is not so different from cash payment.

Target gift cards never expire, so you can hang onto them as long as you need. And if the card doesn't have enough value left for your full purchase amount, you can combine it with another payment method like cash or an additional gift card.


What Can You Buy with A Target Gift Card?

Quick example of stuff you can spend your Target gift cards on when shopping there:

·       New headphones, smartphones, laptops 

·       Adorable baby clothes as gifts for friends

·       Kitchen appliances like air fryers, blenders

·       Bath bombs and beauty products

·       Lego sets or Barbie dolls for the kids

·       Tasty American snacks like popcorn or candy

·       Cute notebooks, pens for school

Anything Target sells in store or online can be purchased with a Target gift card.


Steps to Convert Target Gift Card to Naira on FlipEx

The steps to converting a Target gift card to Naira on FlipEx is simple and straightforward, first, you need to Sign Up on FlipEx. To do this simply download the FlipEx App and create your User account, you can also Sign up on the website. Once you are logged in, follow these steps to convert your Target gift card to Naira:

1.      Click on ‘Sell Gift cards - This will take you to the gift cards product page.

2.      Select Target from the gift card options.

3.      Input the necessary gift card details

4.      Choose Card Denomination

5.      Enter the total amount of Target gift cards you want to convert. Our rate calculator will automatically calculate the highest rates for your Target gift card. 

6.      Provide Card Details - Upload the card image for physical cards and enter the code in the text box if you have an electronic code.

7.      Tap on ‘Trade Now’

Your Target Gift Card will be processed and the funds will be credited to your wallet instantly.


Benefits of Using FlipEx to Convert Target Gift Cards to Naira

There are a few great benefits to using a platform like FlipEx rather than trying to exchange your Target gift card another way:

1. Safe, secure and trusted platform

With FlipEx, your personal details and gift card information are secure. The FlipEx app is built in a strong and secure ecosystem to ensure users security and safety.

2. Fast transaction

With the FlipEx App, you can always enjoy fast and secure transactions. FlipEx is the fastest gift card to Naira exchange platform. Expect fast and secure transactions whenever you trade your gift cards on FlipEx. 

3. 24/7 Customer Support

The need for an available customer support channel irrespective of the time cannot be overemphasized. The FlipEx customer support team is ready 24/7 to attend to your enquiries.


Frequently Asked Questions (FAQs) on Target Gift Cards

If you still have some questions about Target cards, these might be helpful:

Do Target gift cards ever expire? → No, Target gift cards do not expire and do not lose their value after purchase.

Can I trade in a card that's partially used? → Yes, whatever the remaining balance is can be exchanged.

Is there any fee for exchanging Target cards on FlipEx? → No, it is a totally free service

How long does a FlipEx Target card conversion take? → Gift card to Naira conversion is instant upon confirmation.

What's the minimum Target card amount I can exchange? → FlipEx will convert Target cards with a minimum of $30 balance


Closing Thoughts

To convert a Target gift card into Naira is not difficult but you need the right online service like FlipEx. In no time, you can securely turn your giftcard into cash and you can actually spend the cash.

So, if you have any unused Target cards lying around, we recommend giving FlipEx a try. Getting the full value of your gift card transferred fee-free with great exchange rates is a win-win!


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