How to Sell Amazon Gift Cards in Nigeria

How to Sell Amazon Gift Cards in Nigeria

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Amazon gift cards are a digital store of monetary value used to facilitate payments on Amazon. Amazon’s physical and online store successes thrives largely due to the availability of easy alternative payment methods like the Amazon gift card.

The search for where to sell your Amazon Gift Card in Nigeria must have been a long and difficult one. Most people are not even aware that you can sell gift cards to Naira because Amazon and the majority of retail stores accepting gift cards do not operate in Nigeria. 

But now that you are here, you just need to sit back and relax while we show you how to sell your Amazon gift cards in Nigeria.


Where to Sell Amazon Gift Cards in Nigeria

If you ever find yourself with an Amazon gift card in Nigeria, the best bet for you will be to exchange your Amazon gift card for Naira. Amazon does not have a physical store in Nigeria, and you may face a tough challenge to ship items to Nigeria, but you can easily resell your gift card on the FlipEx App to get Naira that you can use to meet immediate needs. 

There are numerous reasons why FlipEx stands out as the best option for you to redeem Amazon gift cards. Trade security, a user friendly app available to iOS and Android users, 24/7 customer support, and the highest rates for gift cards in Nigeria.

What is the Rate for Amazon Gift Card on FlipEx?


Amazon gift cards are available in physical and electronic code (e-code) formats, and they are available in different denominations ranging from 15, 25, 50, 100, 200 and above in different currencies. Physical cards tend to have a higher rate than digital cards (e-codes) because there is more demand for physical cards.

Amazon gift card rates are one of the highest gift card rates in the market but the rates also fluctuate frequently. The best approach to know the gift card rate for Amazon is by using our rate calculator to check the current rate.


How To Sell Your Amazon GiftCard on FlipEx


Selling your gift card on FlipEx is quite easy and seamless. You need to sign up to create a new account and follow the simple process. Once you have signed up, you need to login to your account and follow these steps to trade your Amazon gift card:

  1. Click on “Sell Gift cards”
  2. Select “Amazon Gift Cards”
  3. Next Choose Gift Card currency.
  4. Choose the exact Card Type.
  5. Select from the available Denomination.
  6. Type in the amount of your gift card.
  7. Upload the gift card image or enter the gift card e-code.
  8. Read the terms of trade.
  9. Click on “Start Trade”

Here’s a detailed tutorial on how to sell your Amazon gift card on FlipEx. 


Benefits of Selling Amazon Gift Cards on FlipEx


  1. Once you sign up on FlipEx, you’ll get a ₦2000 sign up bonus that can be withdrawn when you trade up to $200. 
  2. You can also refer users to earn money when they sign up with your referral code. Every referral will earn you ₦1000, and you can refer as many people as you can.
  3. Bonus codes and Special discount codes are released periodically to give you trade bonuses.

Now that you have all the information that you need to redeem your Amazon gift card, why don’t you download FlipEx and start a trade.


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