How To Sell Bitcoin From Binance, On The FlipEx App In Seconds

How To Sell Bitcoin From Binance, On The FlipEx App In Seconds

Binance is a global company that operates the world's largest cryptocurrency exchange by daily trading volume.  This means it is a platform where people can buy and sell cryptocurrencies like Bitcoin, Ethereum, Litecoin, and more. Binance is known for its wide variety of cryptocurrencies offered, competitive fees, and advanced trading features. Cryptocurrency exchanges such as Binance and the FlipEx app provide an easy way to profit from your Bitcoin holdings. Although Binance is a reputable exchange, the FlipEx app is distinguished by its extremely quick transaction speeds and user-friendly design. 

So, if you have some bitcoins on Binance and are looking for a safe and secure platform to convert that bitcoin to Naira, this guide will walk you through the simple process of selling your Bitcoin for Naira on FlipEx in seconds.


What Are The Prerequisites for Trading Bitcoin From Binance On The FlipEx App?

Before diving into the quick and easy steps of selling Bitcoin on the FlipEx App, there are two key things you will need in place, they include:

A Binance Account with Bitcoin (BTC) holdings

Ensure you have Bitcoin already purchased and stored in your Binance wallet. You won't be able to sell what you don't have! If you haven't acquired any Bitcoin yet, Binance allows you to buy it using various methods.

A Registered FlipEx Account

First, download the FlipEx App from our official app store listing for Android and iOS. Once downloaded, creating an account is usually a straightforward process. Follow the app's instructions to set up your FlipEx App account. This involves creating a username and password and potentially verifying your identity for security.


How To Sell Bitcoin From Binance On FlipEx App In Seconds A (Step-By-Step Guide)

Ready to convert your Bitcoin to cash in seconds?  Follow these simple steps:

A. Log in to your FlipEx account and sell

1.   Login to your FlipEx App and click on the “Sell Crypto” option.

2.   Select the BTC (Bitcoin Wallet) option and click on “Receive”

3.   Copy the wallet address provided.

4.   Now, log in to your Binance App.

5.   Select Spot, tap on Withdraw, and select BTC (Bitcoin) from the Coin list.

6.   Paste the FlipEx App crypto wallet address, choose Network, input withdrawal amount

7.   Tap on “Withdraw”

8.   After verifications (around 5 to 15 Mins), the crypto will be transferred to your FlipEx app.

9.   Login to your FlipEx App.

10.    Click the “Sell Crypto” option and select “BTC (Bitcoin Wallet).”

11.    Enter the amount you wish to convert to Naira and the necessary details.

12.   Click on sell, and your wallet will be credited upon transaction approval.


B. Review the Exchange Rate and Transaction Fees

Before finalising the transaction, take a moment to review the exchange rate offered. This is the rate at which your Bitcoin will be converted into Naira. Additionally, you will see the transaction fees associated with the sale. Transaction fees typically cover the processing costs involved in converting your cryptocurrency.

C. Confirm the Transaction

  • Once you're happy with the exchange rate and fees, confirm the transaction. FlipEx will guide you through the final steps, which may involve additional verification for security purposes.

Why Choose The FlipEx App For Selling Your Bitcoin?

The FlipEx app offers several advantages when it comes to converting your Bitcoin holdings into cash:


  1. Speed and Efficiency: Compared to traditional methods like peer-to-peer transactions, the FlipEx App excels in lightning-fast processing. Their streamlined platform allows you to sell your Bitcoin and receive your funds in a matter of seconds, eliminating lengthy waiting periods.
  2. Competitive Exchange Rates: FlipEx strives to offer competitive exchange rates for your Bitcoin. This ensures you get the most value out of your cryptocurrency when converting it to cash.
  3. User-friendly Interface: the FlipEx app boasts a user-friendly interface that makes the selling process smooth and straightforward.  Even if you're new to the world of cryptocurrency, the app's intuitive design guides you through each step effortlessly.
  4. Security:  Security is paramount when dealing with cryptocurrency. The FlipEx app prioritises user safety by implementing robust security measures. While the specific features may not be publicly disclosed for security reasons, you can be assured that the FlipEx app takes steps to protect your personal information and financial transactions.


Wrapping it Up

Selling your Bitcoin on FlipEx is a breeze! With just a few clicks, you can convert your cryptocurrency holdings into cash in seconds. The FlipEx App stands out for its speed, competitive rates, user-friendly interface, and focus on security. So, if you're looking for a fast and convenient way to sell your Bitcoin, the FlipEx app is your best option. If you encounter any issues with your trading, you can contact our support team.


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