How To Sell Visa Gift Card for Cash on FlipEx

How To Sell Visa Gift Card for Cash on FlipEx

An estimated $15 billion worth of unused gift card funds get wasted every year. With all those unused balances waiting to be used, there must be an efficient system to unlock their dormant value, right? 

Well, you're in luck because when it comes to unused giftcards, FlipEx fits like a hot knife to butter as they are the most effective and efficient digital exchange platform to sell unused Visa gift cards for Naira.

In this article, we will explore how Visa gift cards work, and we will highlight the main differences between VIsa giftcards and standard Visa credit cards. From there, we will walk you through how you can sell Visa gift cards for cash using the FlipEx App. So, if you happen to be sitting on a stash of  Visa gift cards, keep reading to unlock their full potential with FlipEx.


Understanding Visa Gift Cards

Visa is a well-known brand and their Visa gift cards have become very popular since they can be used almost anywhere in the world where Visa cards are accepted for payments. They come in different denominations, typically ranging from $25 to $500.

The key thing to remember is that Visa gift cards function much like debit cards as funds are drawn from a stored balance. However, Visa giftcards are NOT linked to your bank account. Once the balance hits zero, the card becomes useless.


How Visa Gift Cards Differ from Credit Cards

While they seem similar from a distance, there are some notable differences between Visa gift cards and Visa credit cards:

Spending Limits – The balance on a visa gift card is what you get. You can't spend past that initial loaded amount. Credit cards have a preset spending limit that replenishes as you pay down the balance.

Protection & Rewards – Credit cards offer stronger fraud protection, purchase insurance, and even rewards points or cash back. Visa gift cards lack these extra perks.

Fees – Some gift cards charge purchase or inactivity fees over time. Credit cards tend to offer free grace periods.

ID Verification – Gift cards don't require submitting personal information. Credit cards are tied specifically to your identity and your ability to pay back debt.


FlipEx App: An Easy Way to Cash Out Visa Gift Cards

Rather than letting leftover gift card balances expire or remain unused, FlipEx allows you to trade them for cash instantly. You can sell visa gift cards for cash at best possible rates on FlipEx.

The process is straightforward - you enter the gift card details online for verification, input your preferred amount, and FlipEx handles the rest.


Step-By-Step Guide to Sell Visa Gift Cards on FlipEx

If you have a Visa gift card to sell for cash, here is a simple walkthrough for selling it on FlipEx:

1. Create Your FlipEx Account

2. Select Your Card Type & Enter Details

  • Pick “Sell Gift Cards” and choose Visa Gift Card.
  • Swipe to select the Visa gift card design that matches the first four digits of your Visa gift card.
  • Select the gift card currency, type, and denomination.

3. Enter the gift card amount.

4. Review details & Initiate Sale

  • Tap “Continue” to finalize the selling process

And voila! Sit back while FlipEx works its magic to convert your visa gift card into cash and instantly you will receive your cash in your FlipEx Wallet. You can withdraw cash from your FlipEx wallet into your bank account anytime.


Frequently Asked Questions (FAQs) on Visa Gift Card Sales via FlipEx

If you are new to gift cards to Naira exchange, chances are you still have some questions. Here we will tackle some common FAQs on Gift card conversion:

Is This Process Secure and Legal?

Yes - FlipEx uses multi layered encryption techniques to secure card details and prevent fraud. And reselling gift cards is entirely legal in Nigeria.

How Long Do Payouts Take to Arrive?

Payouts process is via direct deposit to your FlipEx wallet and it is instant.

Can I Sell Partially Used Gift Cards?

Yes! FlipEx converts Visa gift cards in any amount - even ones with just a couple dollars.

Still have questions? Don’t hesitate to contact FlipEx’s customer support.


Turning Unused Visa Gift card into Cash

To sell visa gift cards for cash is not a hassle on FlipEx. If you have any Visa gift cards around, it is highly recommended cashing them out with FlipEx rather than letting balances expire or go forgotten. It doesn’t make sense to let money rot away in your wallet when you could have it working for you in real value.

In just a few clicks, those unused gift cards become handy cash for saving or spending how you would like. 

Give FlipEx a try.


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