10 Ways To Make Money Online With Bitcoin

10 Ways To Make Money Online With Bitcoin

Cryptocurrency is the latest legal tender in the world of business, trade and finance - and Bitcoin is the first, the biggest and most popular of them all. Cryptocurrency is a digital form of money that operates without the control of banks and governments, but solely run by millions of computers connected globally via the Blockchain network. 

The popularity and value of Bitcoin have led it to become one of the most sought-after trading units in the world. In this post, we shall be examining 10 proven ways to make money online with Bitcoin

Let’s get into it.

1. HODLing, or holding Bitcoin

This is a long-term Bitcoin investment known as "HODLing," short for "Holding On for Dear Life"  ; it simply means purchasing Bitcoin and merely holding onto it; hoping that its value would rise over time. You get to have easy large gains given Bitcoin's notable price increase in the past especially since you don't have to actively handle Bitcoin after you purchase it.

2. Interest-bearing/lending Bitcoin accounts

By lending your Bitcoin to others, you can generate some income and make money online with Bitcoin. This functions like standard bank accounts; but returns higher yields. You will need to fund a lending platform with Bitcoin while the platform will give borrowers access to your Bitcoin at an agreed interest; with a part of the interest as your income.

3. Bitcoin Trading (Day Trading & Spot Trading)

This involves actively buying and selling Bitcoin Naira and other currencies to profit from short-term price movements. There are two main approaches to Bitcoin trading which are:

  1. Day Trading: Here traders aim to make quick profits by exploiting small price fluctuations throughout the day.
  2. Spot Trading: Here, traders buy Bitcoin at a lower price and sell it later when the price rises. 

4. Bitcoin Affiliate Marketing

Here, you will endorse other Bitcoin-related goods or services, through affiliate marketing. By collaborating with businesses that provide affiliate programmes, you may get paid a commission for each sale or registration that is completed via your special referral link.

You could also earn commission as a part of a research affiliate program; as a content marketer; or with targeted advertising at people interested in Bitcoin.

5. Microtasks and GPT Sites

Microtask and GPT (Get Paid To) sites like Time Bucks offer small amounts of Bitcoin for completing simple online tasks like surveys, watching videos, or data entry. One can make money online with Bitcoin through these sites by signing up on these platforms and completing tasks for a small Bitcoin reward.

6. Accepting Bitcoin as Payment For Freelancing, And E-commerce Jobs

If you have a skill or service to offer like freelance writing and social media marketing, you can accept Bitcoin as payment for your work. This is a solid approach used by most freelancers who do not want to lose a chunk of their earnings to fees and charges accrued from conversion between currencies. You can receive Bitcoin straight to your FlipEx wallet and convert your Bitcoin to Naira at the highest rate on FlipEx.

Physical stores with a web presence can also earn money through these processes by attracting customers who prefer paying with Bitcoin. It also makes for faster transactions with Bitcoin while hedging against inflation.

7. Bitcoin Education/Consulting

The surge in Bitcoin's popularity has created a hungry audience for crypto knowledge. Many folks around you want to make money online with Bitcoin so, this is your chance to become a crypto advisor - guiding beginners through the complexities of the market and blockchain technology. Your expertise can help them avoid scams, make informed decisions, and navigate the exciting world of crypto.

8. Cloud Mining

Cloud mining allows you to participate in Bitcoin mining without the expensive hardware and technical know-how required. It means you rent mining power from a cloud mining service that shares the profits with you. You do not need to have expensive mining equipment or technical knowledge and you can earn Bitcoin without bearing the hardware overhead.

9. Bitcoin Faucets

Bitcoin faucets offer a risk-free way to dip your toes into the crypto world. These sites reward you with tiny amounts of Bitcoin (satoshis) for completing simple tasks like watching ads or solving captchas. It's a great way to learn the ropes without investing.

10. Staking And Earning Bitcoin

Bitcoin holders can unlock two benefits with staking: boosting network security and earning passive income.  Similar to a digital savings account, staking involves locking up some Bitcoin in a secure wallet to support network operations and earn interest. Some platforms even offer amplified returns, but choosing a reputable provider is crucial. 

Additionally, you can convert your Bitcoin to Naira easily using FlipEx. Here’s a guide to convert Bitcoin to Naira on FlipEx. Just Sign Up and you are good to go.

General Crypto Security: Be Smart, Not Scared

The potential of cryptocurrency is undeniable. But with great rewards comes great responsibility – the responsibility to keep your digital assets safe. While stories of lost crypto due to carelessness exist, security doesn't have to be a daunting task. By following a few key principles, you can become a confident guardian of your crypto wealth.

Our Crypto security guide equips you with the knowledge to assess risks, improve your security practices, and avoid common pitfalls. Remember, security is an ongoing journey – stay vigilant and proactive, and your crypto will be well-protected.

Still have questions? Our expert support team is here to help. Don't hesitate to reach out – we're here to empower your crypto success!

To Wrap it Up

Now that we have checked out these ways to make money online with Bitcoin, you must take note to understand the risks involved with these investments; and also study them intently, knowing the systems inside-out; to ensure that you do not make costly mistakes.

You can trust FlipEx to give you the best information on the cryptocurrency world by checking out our blog regularly. You can also enjoy the best cryptocurrency trading services in the business when you trust us with yours. 

With the best exchange rates, fast payouts and a user-friendly platform adaptable for web, Android and Apple devices; you can rest easy on all your cryptocurrency transactions. Sign up or log in today!


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