Convert AMEX gift card to Naira on FlipEx

Convert AMEX gift card to Naira on FlipEx

Do you have an American Express gift card taking up space in your wallet? Don't let it go to waste, getting great value for it is possible – you can convert that Amex giftcard to Naira on FlipEx. In this article, we will explain how you can securely convert your AMEX gift card to Naira on FlipEx.

Read on for awesome tips on how you can maximize your AMEX gift card value with FlipEx gift card exchange service and support.

Things to Know About AMEX Gift Cards

First, what exactly are AMEX gift cards? AMEX giftcards are prepaid gift cards issued by American Express. AMEX gift cards are accepted anywhere American Express cards are accepted. So basically, thousands of stores and websites worldwide accept payments with AMEX cards.

They offer both "open loop" cards with the AMEX logo that can be used virtually anywhere. And "closed loop" cards for just a single merchant.

You can get the open loop ones as gifts, ranging from $25 to $500 in value. It's like getting free cash to buy whatever you want.

For clarity AMEX cards can be categorized as follows:

American Express Prepaid Debit Cards

The AMEX prepaid debit cards work just like a regular debit card, except you pre-load it with funds instead of it pulling from a bank account. The cool thing is you can use it anywhere AMEX is accepted, with no credit check or fees to register it online. Super handy for shopping without the risk of overdrafts!

American Express Credit Cards

AMEX rolls out various credit cards with different perks. For instance, the Blue Cash Preferred card rocks for earning high cash back rewards. If you travel a lot, the AMEX Green Card could be ideal. And the AMEX Cash Magnet offers a nice flat cashback rate on everything. Look for the one with benefits that best fit your lifestyle needs.

American Express Charge Cards

AMEX also offers charge cards, which provide month-to-month credit that has to be paid in full each billing cycle. It doesn’t carry a balance or interest charges. But you do need the discipline to pay it off each month! 

Overall, AMEX has a card for every type of spender and financial situation.

What is AMEX Gift Card used for?

Thanks to AMEX's wide acceptance, you have tons of options for using their open loop gift cards to:

1.    Shop online at thousands of retailers 

2.    Book flights, hotels, rental cars, etc for trips

3.    Pay at stores, restaurants, groceries, gas stations 

4.    Pay for bills and subscriptions

5.    Even withdraw cash at ATMs (fees may apply)

With so much flexibility, AMEX gift cards make it easy to purchase exactly what you want or need.

How to check AMEX Gift Card Balance

Wondering how much is left on your AMEX gift card? No problems, there are a few ways to check:

1.    Call the toll-free number listed on the back of the card.

2. Visit American Express's gift card balance page and enter your card details.

3.  Check online or on the AMEX app if you registered your gift card.

4.  Check your balance at an ATM when making a withdrawal Once you know your balance, you can decide the Naira amount you want to exchange it for through FlipEx.


AMEX Gift Card Rates on FlipEx

Here's the cool part - You can convert AMEX gift card to Naira at the best rates on FlipEx.

At current rates, you would get around ₦22,500 naira for a $50 AMEX gift card. And over ₦45,000 naira for $100 in AMEX credit. The exchange rate varies daily but always beats what any other gift card exchange platform would offer you.

FlipEx shows the exact Naira amount before processing your AMEX cards so you know the deal that you are getting. FlipEx offers best rates, so you get the real market exchange rate value from your AMEX balance.


Why Choose FlipEx for Gift Card Conversions?

Converting your AMEX gift cards on FlipEx is easy. FlipEx makes it easy and secure to convert AMEX gift cards to Naira.

Here are some key benefits of using FlipEx for your AMEX gift card exchange:

  1. Best USD exchange rates - better than other exchange platforms 
  2. Safe and Secure gift card to Naira platform to keep your data and money safe
  3. Fast and simple account registration, verification and transaction process.
  4. Quick and reliable Naira payouts directly to your bank account

FlipEx is the fastest gift card to naira redemption site and it provides a stress-free process to get the most Naira for unused AMEX gift card balances.

How to Convert AMEX Gift Card to Naira on FlipEx

Here's how you can convert AMEX gift cards for naira on FlipEx in a few easy steps:

  1. First you need to Sign up for a free FlipEx account, if you don’t have one.  
  2. To do that, Download the FlipEx app on your Android or iOS device and register for an account. Provide the necessary details.
  3. A verification code to confirm your account will be sent to your email. Enter the OTP code in the app.
  4. Set a 4-digit PIN for more security.
  5. Tap "Sell Gift Cards" on the home screen and select AMEX (American Express) from the listed gift card options.
  6. Swipe to choose the card that matches the first four digits of your card e.g. 3779, 3751, 3776, etc.
  7. Select your AMEX giftcard currency and denomination.
  8. Enter the amount you want to convert to Naira. 
  9. Provide the card details - Card Front and Back images showing the full card details including the CVV at the back of the card.
  10. Initiate the trade. 
  11. Confirm trade terms and quotes.
  12. Receive your exchanged naira in your bank account


FAQs on Converting AMEX Gift Card to Naira on FlipEx

How long does it take to receive my naira? You will get your converted funds instantly once your AMEX giftcard is processed successfully.

Does FlipEx accept physical AMEX gift cards? Yes, FlipEx converts both physical and e-gift cards. Just enter your card details.

What details do I need to provide? Have ready your AMEX card number, expiration date, security code, and the amount you want to exchange.

Is there a conversion minimum? No, you can exchange any amount starting from just $1 worth of AMEX balance.

Can I convert multiple AMEX gift cards to naira at once? Absolutely! There's no limit to the number of cards you can exchange.

You can also visit the FlipEx website for more gift card to naira conversion FAQs to assist you all the way.


Whether received as a gift or earned through rewards programs, FlipEx offers a premium way to convert American Express gift cards to Naira. Follow the quick easy process to unlock the maximum local currency value from your AMEX balance. With best rates, minimal fees, and robust security, FlipEx simplifies gift card to naira conversions. 

Don't let your AMEX gift cards or any other gift cards go to waste - convert them easily today. Lastly, our support team are always available to help and guide you through any process on our platform, so feel free to reach out when you need to.


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