FlipEx: Top Rated Gift Cards with High Value in Nigeria

FlipEx: Top Rated Gift Cards with High Value in Nigeria


The act of gifting, a heartwarming expression of appreciation and love, can sometimes be fraught with the daunting challenge of choosing the perfect gift. But with the growing popularity of gift cards in Nigeria, gift cards can be the perfect gift to appreciate your loved ones.

Nigeria’s cashless policy and cash crunch issues have geared many businesses towards gift cards and just like their foreign counterparts, businesses in Nigeria are now starting to use gift cards as tokens of appreciation, customer loyalty rewards, and other promotional tools.

While gift cards are always an excellent thoughtful choice of presents, it is imperative for you to know the top rated gift cards in Nigeria with the best value and price before making the decision to purchase any gift card for your friends or family in Nigeria. 

In this blog post, we have taken our time to unmask some of the top rated gift cards in Nigeria. We believe that this article can be a reference guide for you anytime you want to buy presents for your loved ones in Nigeria. 


Gift Card with Highest Rates in Nigeria


Like most commodities, the values of giftcards are determined by the laws of demand and supply. So, the values of gift cards are not constant or predetermined as they change several times in a day. The best way to stay abreast of gift card rates is by checking the worth of your gift card via the FlipEx rate calculator. FlipEx also collates top rated gift cards for those who may want to take a quick glance. 

Gift cards are usually designed for different purposes ranging from retail-store purchases to gaming, and others that we detailed here, however, there are some gift cards whose frequency of demand and supply supersedes others.

These are some of the most in-demand gift cards with the highest rates and values in Nigeria.  


1. Apple Gift Card

Apple Gift Cards are available as iTunes or Apple Store gift cards. Notably, an Apple gift card is multifaceted but they serve primarily as an alternative to cash that can be spent on the iTunes store, and other music, software, apps, eBooks, and digital stores owned by Apple. 

Apple giftcards can also be used to procure tangible Apple products such as MacBook, iPad, iPhone, Apple Watch, and other devices from Apple. 

The value of an Apple gift card varies according to the prevailing exchange rate, but on the FlipEx app, a $100 Apple gift card is presently listed at ₦ 69,000.


2. Amazon Gift Card

E-commerce giant Amazon was one of the earliest adopters of gift cards. With amazon gift cards, you can purchase household items, music, literature, and multimedia from Amazon’s physical and online marketplaces.

Amazon gift cards are available in varying denominations ranging from $5 to $500, and they are available in physical and electronic formats. Making purchases with Amazon giftcards is a breeze, and guarantees a seamless shopping experience for users. 

If you wish to convert your Amazon gift card to Naira, then FlipEx is an excellent gift card exchange site to use.


3. Google Play Gift Card

Google Play gift cards offer a gateway to Google’s entertainment options which boasts a rich library of TV shows, games, movies, apps, and musical delights. Google Play giftcards are available in physical and e-code (digital) formats, ensuring accessibility for many users. The physical card is readily available at the store, whereas e-code gift cards are delivered via email after a successful purchase. 

At the time of writing this post, a $100 Google Play gift card can be exchanged for  ₦ 51,000 on FlipEx.


4. Steam Gift Card

For ardent gamers, the Steam Gift Card is a cherished commodity, serving as a prepaid debit card that enables the acquisition of games, software, and digital content on the iconic Steam platform. 

Steam Gift Cards represent a popular choice for gamers, and due to its high demand, Steam giftcards have a high resale rate. For instance, you can convert a $100 Steam gift card to get ₦ 64,000 on FlipEx. 


5. Razer Gold Gift Card

Another treasure for gamers is the Razer Gold Gift Card. Gamers can utilize it to acquire in-game items, game equipment, and digital content across various gaming platforms, including Steam, PlayStation, Xbox, and more. Similar to the Steam Gift Cards, Razer Gold is available in physical and digital forms. 

If you do not want to bolster your virtual arsenal or indulge in gaming-related retail purchases, you can redeem a $100 Razer Gold Gift Card on the FlipEx app to get a tempting ₦76,000.


6. eBay Gift Card

eBay Gift Cards are used for online shopping on the eBay marketplace. Most eBay shoppers who receive gift cards from their friends use the gift cards to offset a portion of the bill and cater for the remainder via other payment methods, leaving room for a mix of payment methods on eBay. Additionally, eBay gift cards are prized by wholesale buyers and drop shippers, consequently boosting their resale value. If you have a $100 eBay gift card, you can exchange it for about ₦73,000 on the FlipEx website.


7. Sephora Gift Card


Sephora, the iconic cosmetics and beauty retailer, endows its gift card holders with the means to buy makeup, skincare, hair care, and fragrances. These gift cards are top rated among women, as they can be used to access a vast spectrum of products from an extensive roster of renowned brands. Sephora giftcards are designed as prepaid debit cards and can be loaded with specific amounts needed by shoppers. This versatility, coupled with its allure, places Sephora gift cards among the more expensive options. A $100 Sephora gift card currently has a value of ₦66,000 on FlipEx.


8. AMEX – American Express Gift Card

American Express Gift Cards, often referred to as Amex gift cards, provide their recipients with a predefined monetary value, which can be used for purchases at various merchants. These merchants include online retailers, supermarkets, gas stations, and more. Some Amex gift cards may include additional features such as rewards points or exclusive discounts, making them an enticing choice. The value of an Amex gift card goes for ₦650/$ on the FlipEx app, that’s about ₦65,000.


9. Nordstrom Gift Card

Nordstrom gift cards usually bear a fixed monetary value and are prized for their resale rates. These physical cards come with a 16-digit card number and an 8-digit PIN, essential for activation. Nordstrom gift cards can be used to acquire fashionable apparel from the brand's physical outlets or online stores. A $100 Nordstrom gift card can be exchanged for ₦69,000 on FlipEx.


10. Nike Gift Card

The Nike Gift Card is a gateway to online and in-store purchases on the official Nike website, and in the official Nike Stores in Nigeria. Items ranging from sneakers to tracksuits, gym wears, sport casual wear etc., can be purchased using Nike gift cards. 

If you have got a Nike gift card in Nigeria, and should you have other pressing needs that you need to cater to, you can exchange your Nike gift cards for up to ₦710/$. That way, a $100 Nike gift card will guarantee ₦71,000 to your FlipEx wallet.



This blog post provides a comprehensive exploration of the top rated gift cards in Nigeria. Having an unused gift card offers you a great chance to earn extra cash that can be used to sort bills and you can even withdraw money to your bank account on the FlipEx app. 

FlipEx App is a trusted marketplace that stands out for its exemplary commitment to providing a seamless and secure space for users to exchange gift cards for Naira. The world of gift cards is dynamic and continually evolving, but you can navigate it confidently with the proper knowledge on the FlipEx App with ease.


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