How Much Is a $100 Amazon Gift Card To Naira on FlipEx?

How Much Is a $100 Amazon Gift Card To Naira on FlipEx?

In Nigeria, gift-giving holds a special place in culture and tradition. While physical presents remain popular, gift cards have emerged as a versatile and desirable alternative. 

These digital cards are redeemable for millions of items on online marketplaces and they offer recipients incredible choice and freedom. But for many Nigerians, their appeal goes beyond gifting. 

In this article, we shall be taking time to examine answers to the question: How much is a $100 Amazon gift card to Naira on FlipEx? This is because giftcards have become powerful tools for traders and users alike as they unlock a lucrative avenue in the world of gift card exchange.


How Popular Are Amazon Gift Cards In Nigeria?

Beyond their traditional role in online shopping, Amazon gift cards have become surprisingly popular in Nigeria. While some use them directly for international purchases, many have discovered their value on gift card conversion platforms like FlipEx

The global demand, stable value and profit opportunities make them attractive assets for buying and selling on platforms like FlipEx. Additionally, they are occasionally used for gifting or even accepted as payment by some Nigerian services. 


What Factors Contributed to The Popularity Of Amazon Gift Cards In Nigeria?

The popularity of Amazon gift cards in the Nigerian trading scene can be attributed to several factors:

  • Global Reach: Amazon's presence as a global e-commerce giant makes its gift cards instantly recognisable and highly sought-after, even in a country like Nigeria.
  • Flexibility: Unlike physical gifts, Amazon gift cards offer recipients the flexibility to choose whatever they desire, making them incredibly valuable.
  • Liquidity: The sheer volume of Amazon gift cards traded globally ensures a liquid market for Nigerian traders and it helps to facilitate easy buying and selling.
  • Value Stability: Compared to other gift cards, Amazon gift cards often maintain their value relatively well and this minimizes potential losses for traders.

These factors have fueled a thriving ecosystem of gift card trading platforms in Nigeria, with many individuals choosing to buy and sell Amazon gift cards for cash they can spend instantly. 


How Much Does A $100 Amazon Gift Card Cost on FlipEx In Nigerian Naira?

The value of a $100 Amazon gift card currently ranges from N86,000 to N102,000 on the FlipEx gift card to Naira exchange. Our goal is to satisfy our clients by providing the best rates for swapping gift cards. Through our gift card rate calculator, customers can also view gift cards to Naira rates in real time and determine how much they will receive in return for their gift cards.


What Is The Best App To Trade Amazon Gift Cards To Naira In 2024?

Finding the best gift card to Naira platform that can provide you with the best Naira value for gift cards is the first and foremost concern of anyone looking to exchange an Amazon gift card or other gift card for Naira in Nigeria.

The FlipEx app provides the fastest gift card to Naira service, best rates in the gift card to Naira industry, a secure gift card conversion environment, and an intuitive user experience. All of these combined, delivers one of the best and most reliable options available to Nigerians to trade Amazon gift cards and more with ease. 

People of all ages may access and utilize the FlipEx app since it has no hidden fees and is simple to use. To sweeten the deal you can get 24/7 assistance from our customer support team if you encounter any issues when using our app.

How Do I Trade Amazon Gift Cards on FlipEx?

Trading your Amazon gift card with FlipEx is as easy as ABC on the FlipEx platform. To trade your Amazon gift cards on FlipEx, simply do the following

1.  Register an account via the FlipEx website, if you don’t have one yet or simply download the FlipEx App on Google Play Store or Apple App Store for more convenience.

2.  Click on ‘Sell Gift cards’ on the App - This will take you to the gift cards product page.

3.  Select Amazon from the gift card options.

4.  Input the necessary gift card details

5.  Choose Card Denomination

6. Enter the total amount of Amazon gift cards you want to convert. Our gift card rate calculator will automatically calculate the highest rates for your Amazon gift card. 

7. Provide Card Details - Upload the card image for physical cards and enter the code in the text box if you have an electronic code.

8. Tap on ‘Trade Now’

You'd get your gift card traded and receive your pay in seconds after approval.


Final thoughts

Why not sign up for an account on FlipEx right now and attempt to flip some Amazon gift cards or other valuable gift cards you own? With any luck, these pointers will provide you with a good foundation for a secure and successful Naira gift card sale.


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