How to Convert Gift Card to Naira in Nigeria

How to Convert Gift Card to Naira in Nigeria

We all love getting gift cards – whether it's for birthdays, Christmas, or just because it feels nice to shop with free money. But what happens when you get a gift card to a store that doesn't exist where you live? 

Why not convert them into some sweet cash for yourself instead? Whether it's Amazon, iTunes, Steam, Sephora or any other popular brand, there are now easy ways to convert gift cards to Naira in Nigeria

In this article, we will walk you through how to exchange those unused gift cards for Naira using Nigeria's top gift card trading platform - FlipEx. With excellent rates, instant payouts and top-grade security, FlipEx makes converting even high-value gift cards to Naira stress-free.


Why Choose FlipEx to Convert Gift Card to Naira 

There are a couple of gift card exchange sites popping up nowadays. But based on some awesome features and reviews, FlipEx beats them all hands down. Here's why we excel specifically:

Awesome Exchange Rates 

Of all the platforms, FlipEx offers best rates on gift cards to naira for all types of gift cards – especially the expensive ones. You can get more value trading an Apple Store gift card, Amazon gift card and more with FlipEx than competing sites. Our exchange rates will definitely surprise you. 

Quick Bank Payouts  

Once FlipEx confirms your gift card to Naira conversion, and your trade is complete, your Naira balance will reflect the Naira value of your gift card in your FlipEx wallet immediately. You can cash out to your Nigerian bank account instantly, regardless of the amount; it is super swift.

Top-Notch Security

When it comes to safety and security, you have to be careful not to expose your gift card details online. Good news is – FlipEx got you covered security-wise. FlipEx uses the best security, 2FA, and other measures to protect your account.

Responsive Customer Support

With the FlipEx 24/7 Customer Support your enquiries can never go unattended to. Just one quick in-app chat or phone call with our Support team will get your issues sorted within minutes.


How to Convert Gift Cards to Naira Online

Let’s break it down step-by-step how easy and simple it is to convert gift card to Naira on FlipEx: 

Step 1: Check Your Card Value on FlipEx  

First is to see how much your gift card could be worth by inputting the amount you want to convert into the FlipEx rate calculator. Rates change all the time based on exchange rate and demand.

Step 2: Download the FlipEx Mobile App  

For maximum convenience, download the FlipEx App for either Android or iOS to trade on the go and have access to a more responsive user interface. 

Step 3: Create and Verify Account

Signing up takes seconds by just providing your details. Create an account and verify your email and phone number. This part is very easy and important for security.

Step 4: Set Up Transaction PIN 

Next is to enable a unique pin as an extra layer of security. One extra shield against any unscrupulous souls. 

Step 5: Tap that Sell Giftcards tab 

Tap on the Sell Giftcards button on the FlipEx app homepage to initiate your giftcard conversion process.

Step 6: Choose Your Card Type

Is it an App Store gift card, Walmart gift card, Sephora gift card or any other gift card listed on FlipeEx can be converted to cash instantly.  

Step 7: Type in Gift Card details

Last thing, carefully enter your gift card details. Triple check that there are no typos, then submit to convert your card lightning quick! 

There is no rocket science involved in the process! Just straight easy money making with your gift cards.


How Secure is FlipEx for Converting Gift Card to Naira 

Although some might still have questions about safely surrendering their precious gift card details online. Like we mentioned earlier - FlipEx got you covered security-wise! Let’s explain really quick some of the safety measures FlipEx has put in place:

·       Top-notch state-of-the-art security and Data Encryption 

·       Regular security checks and testing

·       Your Account is Totally Locked Out after a Few Wrong Password Guesses 

·       Two-Step Login Authentication

·       Transaction Approval PINs 

Plus, our customer service works night and day to resolve every issue promptly. So, feel confident to convert even big $500+ gift cards on FlipEx without fear anytime. When it comes to security matters, FlipEx doesn’t play.


Frequently Asked Questions on Gift Card to Naira on FlipEx

We know this gift card trading hustle still confuses some people. No problems, Let’s address common questions you might want to ask: 

How Many Gift Cards Can I Convert at Once? 

Depending on your account standing, you can convert as many gift cards as you want in a single trade.

Do You Accept Spoilt Gift Cards?

Yes! Even if the plastic body is damaged, as long as the number/code area is intact to see the redeem code - FlipEx will accept it. 

Can I Make Extra Cash Referring People?

Definitely. You get rewards on whoever you refer to using FlipEx. Terms and Conditions apply.

No Hidden Charges from My Trade Value?

None at all. On FlipEx, there are no hidden charges during or after you trade in your gift cards for Naira.

If I have Issues, How Quick Will I Get Attended To? 

Just hit the Support tab on the FlipEx app to reach out to our Support team. We are available 24/7 on standby to resolve any complaints with no delays at all. 


Wrapping it Up

If you have gift cards and are wondering where and how you can cash them out for real value, why not put them to good use today by converting those gift cards to naira that you can enjoy? As you have seen, FlipEx makes the entire card trading process smooth with the fine easy app, best rates, instant payment and fortress-like security.

We have shown you how everything works plus shared tips to avoid common mistakes. Don’t let that money go to waste. Just register on FlipEx and fund your bank account stress-free after converting your gift cards. Even better, spread the word so others too can enjoy the benefits of FlipEx gift card to Naira exchange.


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