How to Earn Free Gift Cards Online

How to Earn Free Gift Cards Online

Who doesn't love getting something for free? Gift cards are like getting free money to spend on whatever you want. More and more companies are offering ways to earn free gift cards for the activities you already do online. But with so many websites and apps out there promising rewards, it is hard to know where to start.

In this article, we will share some legit ways you can earn free gift cards online. These strategies can help you unlock gift card rewards by making the most of the freebies available online. 

Let's dive in.

Understanding the Free Gift Card Opportunities

First, understand that there are tons of platforms that offer free gift card opportunities — survey sites, shopping portals, rebate apps, and more. Make sure to stick to reputable companies with positive reviews. The key to avoiding free gift card scams lies with you. There are many platforms offering flashy free gift card schemes, and one pointer you should note is that any platform that asks for an upfront fee or other personal details is sketchy.

With so many legitimate reward programs, there are plenty of real ways to make money. It just takes persistence and maximizing the unique opportunities across different platforms.

Next, we will break down some of the go-to free gift card earning strategies.

Taking Advantage of Rewards Programs

Signing up for established rewards programs is a reliable way to earn. For example, Swagbucks lets you take surveys, watch videos, play games and more to earn "Swagbucks" that can be cashed in for free gift cards. MyPoints is another popular program where you earn points for your everyday online activities.

Survey sites like Survey Junkie, InboxDollars and Opinion Outpost also offer gift card rewards for sharing your opinions. Be sure to fully set up your account profiles to qualify for the most rewards.

Cashback from Online Shopping Portals

One of the ways to get free gift cards is to shop through cashback websites like Rakuten, TopCashback and BeFrugal. You earn percentages back when you click through them to shop on your favorite sites. The cash back accumulates and can be traded in for gift cards. Always compare cashback rates across portals and look for promo offers before shopping online. A little planning means you can earn while spending on necessities like clothes, groceries and more.

Participating in Online Paid Surveys

In your free time, cash in on paid surveys which compensate you in points that translate to gift cards. You can check out Survey Junkie, Branded Surveys, SurveySavvy and Harris Poll Online for reputable paid survey options.

Be honest, selective with which surveys you attempt, and patient. While individual surveys may only earn you between $0.50 - $5, collectively they definitely add up over time.

Unlocking Rewards with Cashback and Coupon Apps

Cashback and coupon apps like Rakuten, Ibotta and Drop let you rack up cash rewards for every day spends like groceries, dining out, travel and more. These add up and can be cashed in for gift card rewards or online shopping bonuses.

Always activate bonuses in the apps before shopping and snap photos of receipts from participating stores. People earn hundreds in free gift cards each year through these apps with no extra effort.

Harnessing the Power of Referral Programs

Many programs give you extra rewards for successful referrals. Refer your friends to the mobile apps and survey sites that offer referral bonuses. When they sign up and earn points, you can both get bonuses, usually in the form of gift card credit.

Engaging in Affiliate Marketing for Gift Cards

If you have a website or social media following, you can earn affiliate commissions by promoting brands. You can feature affiliate gift card links for legit brands you genuinely like on your blog. When readers click and make a qualifying purchase, you earn a commission at no cost to them.

Utilizing Loyalty Programs for Gift Card Rewards

Sign up for the loyalty programs of brands you shop at frequently like Amazon, Starbucks, Walmart or Sephora. Earning points for purchases can add up to free gift card rewards. Link your accounts so points apply automatically when you pay with enrolled cards.

Taking Advantage of Social Media Contests and Giveaways

Follow your favorite brands on social media for chances to win giftcard giveaways by commenting, liking, and sharing posts. But beware of promotions and contests that are only asking for email addresses or info upfront — these are likely scams.

Tips for Gift Card Earning Success

Managing your gift card earning activities is key. You can track your progress in a spreadsheet to see which platforms deliver the best rewards for time invested. Create email folders for reward programs to avoid missing gift card redemption opportunities.

And don’t spread yourself too thin — focus efforts on 2-3 high yield sites or apps at once. Being selective ensures you fully maximize earnings and cash out rewards. With persistence and the right strategies, you can unlock serious gift card freebies!

How to Convert Your Free Gift Card to Cash

Once you have earned free gift cards through the methods discussed, you can opt to sell or exchange some of them to get cash on FlipEx.

FlipEx is the fastest gift card to Naira conversion site and you can securely convert your earned gift cards to naira easily. To do this, just download the App on either Google Play Store or Apple App Store, register an account and you are good to go.

Another option is to spend your earned gift cards on the respective e-commerce store. This means using the gift card on the retailer's own website or in their stores. For example, you would use a Walmart gift card on Walmart’s online store to shop for whatever you want. The advantage is getting full use of that gift card's value. The downside is potentially not being able to use it if you are outside the retailer's country. For instance, having a Walmart gift card would not help if you are located in Nigeria and need to shop on Walmart. If this is the case, opt for the first option by converting gift cards to cash on FlipEx.


As you can see, there really are legitimate ways to earn free gift cards through online activities you may already do — shopping, taking surveys, referring friends, and more. Follow my tips to identify trustworthy rewards platforms and maximize your efforts. With the right approach, you can conveniently score gift cards by making the most of the opportunities available today. Happy earning.


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