Top Gift Cards And Their Current Rates

Top Gift Cards And Their Current Rates

Do you have a bunch of gift cards that you would like to trade for cash to solve one need or the other? To get that done, it is only natural that you would want to know the top gift cards and their current exchange rates to help you make your decision. 

Trading your gift cards is no trouble as FlipEx is here to help you convert those gift cards to Naira, and in this article, we shall be showing you our lineup of the top gift card rates using our very own Rate Calculator. 

To make this easy, we shall be splitting the gift cards into three segments which are : tech and gaming gift cards, retail gift cards etc.


Tech And Gaming Gift Cards

Our tech and gaming gift cards that make up this list of top gift cards and their current rates include:

  • Google Play: Made for all Android mobile app warriors, Google Play gift cards are kings on this list and they fetch a princely sum of ₦970 per dollar on FlipEx. 
  • Steam: PC gamers looking to level up their virtual arsenal or grab that coveted indie title can get it and more with Steam giftcards. FlipEx is offering a glorious ₦990 per dollar for Steam gift cards as low as $10 for those who want to trade. 
  • Razer Gold: Gamers using the Razer Gold gift card can enjoy trading them at a cool ₦1,000 per dollar on FlipEx. This is a mouth watering deal.

Retail Gift Cards

Retail gift cards are up, with the following taking the fore: 

  • Apple/iTunes: Whether it's a new app, a catchy tune, or that sleek pair of AirPods you've been eyeing, your unwanted Apple/iTunes gift card is just a click away from making it happen. If you’ve got Apple/iTunes giftcards, you can trade your Apple gift cards for Naira at an offer of ₦1,000 per dollar on Flipex.


  • Amazon: From books and gadgets to home essentials and trendy fashion, the possibilities are endless with Amazon's vast marketplace at your fingertips. You can convert Amazon gift cards into Naira by trading this crowd-pleasing retail giant's gift cards at FlipEx at a healthy rate of ₦910 per dollar. 


  • Sephora: Beauty gurus can trade their Sephora gift cards at a delightful ₦990 - ₦1000   per dollar on FlipEx. 


  • Nike: Whether you want that limited-edition pair of kicks, or you want to simply embrace the sporty chic, Nike gift cards help you get it all. All sneakerheads and athleisure enthusiasts who would like to trade in their Nike gift cards can now trade for their Nike gift cards at ₦860 per dollar on FlipEx.



For other top gift cards that could not make it to the lists, we have the following:

  • American Express (AMEX): American Express gift cards are fetching a cool ₦890 per dollar on FlipEx. 
  • Walmart: Walmart gift cards are a practical choice to sell on FlipEx at a rate of ₦990 per dollar. 
  • eBay: From vintage finds to tech gadgets, and collectibles to quirky home decor, eBay is your oyster with eBay giftcards in hand. This online shopping haven's gift cards are currently valued at a sweet ₦990 per dollar on FlipEx. 

It is worth understanding that these rates are constantly changing. For the most up-to-date information and the best deals, head over to FlipEx's rate calculator to get daily updated rates.


How Can One Use FlipEx To Trade Gift Cards?

First, simply download the FlipEx app from the Google Play Store or Apple App Store for convenience. When you are ready to trade your gift card for Naira, here are the simple steps to sell it on FlipEx:

1. Create a free FlipEx account and enter your basic details when prompted.

2. Choose "Sell Gift card" and input your gift card details and value.

3. Carefully review the quoted Naira rate and accept.

4. Once the trade is approved, your FlipEx digital wallet will be funded instantly, and you can decide to deposit your funds to your bank account immediately.

Just like that, your gift card is exchanged for Naira. The process is quick and secure.


Why Is FlipEx Great For Trading Gift Cards For Naira?

These are the reasons why FlipEx is the best platform for exchanging gift cards to Naira:

  1. FlipEx has a long track record of dependable service.
  2. FlipEx’s gift card selling process is designed to be simple for anyone.
  3. The FlipEx support team is always available to take enquiries and offer assistance to customers whenever it is needed.
  4. FlipEx offers very competitive rates compared to other gift card exchange websites.
  5. Fast Payouts – Receive your funds instantly upon approval. FlipEx is considered the fastest gift card to Naira conversion platform in Nigeria
  6. FlipEx prioritizes security and utilizes encryption and other security methods to protect your data and money.

If you encounter any difficulties while using the FlipEx App or Website, or you need help navigating the FlipEx universe, our friendly support team is just a click away. Happy trading!

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