Uses of AMEX Gift Cards In Nigeria

Uses of AMEX Gift Cards In Nigeria

One of the popular gift card providers is the American Express. With their gift cards which are prepaid cards issued by American Express, loaded with a specific amount of money. They function similarly to debit cards, but instead of linking to a bank account, they hold a set value for spending. This article dives into the various ways Nigerians can utilize AMEX gift cards in Nigeria. Whether you received one as a gift or have one lying around, you will discover options for spending it online, in stores (if applicable), or even converting it to cash. So, if you are wondering what to do with your AMEX gift card in Nigeria, keep reading!

You can use AMEX gift cards for online shopping at international stores that accept AMEX payments.


How To Use Your AMEX Gift Card in Nigeria

There are two main ways to use your AMEX gift card in Nigeria. They include online shopping and (with some limitations) brick-and-mortar stores.

A. Online Shopping

This is the most convenient and widely applicable option for using your AMEX gift card in Nigeria. You can use your AMEX gift cards to shop on:

Nigerian websites accepting AMEX:

While they are not as common as Visa or Amazon, some Nigerian websites do accept AMEX. It's best to check the payment options on the website's checkout page before proceeding.

International websites accepting AMEX:

The wider world is your oyster! Many international websites accept AMEX, opening up a vast selection of goods and services. Look for the AMEX logo during checkout on these websites.

B. Brick-and-Mortar Stores (with limitations)

Unfortunately for owners of American Express gift cards, they are not as widely accepted in Nigerian physical stores compared to Visa or Mastercard, so they may have to find stores accepting AMEX in Nigeria. This might be very challenging as while some high-end retailers or those catering to international clientele might accept them, it's not guaranteed.

It's best to call the store beforehand or check for the AMEX logo displayed at the entrance. It is also important to note that even if a store accepts AMEX, there might be a minimum spending requirement to use it.

These analyses go on to show that online shopping offers the most flexibility for using your AMEX gift card in Nigeria.

Currently, a $100 Amex gift card is worth between N730 to N800 per dollar on FlipEx


Alternative Uses for AMEX Gift Cards in Nigeria

If you are not interested in shopping with your AMEX online or taking the trouble to find a store that accepts AMEX? Here are some alternative ways to make the most of your AMEX gift card in Nigeria:

A. Selling your AMEX gift card for cash

If you can't find a way to spend your AMEX gift card directly, converting it to cash can be a great option. You will need to look for reputable online platforms like FlipEx where you can sell AMEX gift cards for Naira, and FlipEx is surely your best bet.

You could also ensure that you understand the factors affecting the exchange rates to know the amount of cash you will receive for your AMEX gift card 

B. Gifting your AMEX gift card

AMEX gift cards can also be a thoughtful present for someone in or outside Nigeria with the ability to use the gift card where they are. Gifting them offers you flexibility and allows the recipient to choose what they want within the card's value.

You may want to check the following before going on to use your AMEX gift card:

Check the card's terms and conditions:

  • Some AMEX gift cards might have restrictions on gifting, so ensure it's allowed before using it as a present.


  • If gifting the card electronically, ensure the recipient receives it securely to avoid fraud.

By exploring these alternative uses, you can ensure your AMEX gift card doesn't go to waste in Nigeria, even if traditional spending options are limited.

Remember, on FlipEx you can convert your AMEX Gift card to Naira seamlessly.


Final Thoughts

While American Express gift cards might not be as readily spendable in Nigeria compared to other options, there are still ways to make the most of them.  For online shopping enthusiasts, a whole world of possibilities awaits on websites accepting AMEX, both domestic and international.

If online shopping isn't your preference, reputable platforms like FlipEx allow you to sell your AMEX gift card for cash, though the exchange rate will depend on market factors and platform fees. Finally, AMEX gift cards can also be thoughtful presents, with a few precautions regarding gifting terms and secure delivery.

Remember to use FlipEx for your AMEX gift card to Naira conversion today and enjoy the best rates in the business.


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