How Much Is a $100 Visa Gift Card In Naira on FlipEx App?

How Much Is a $100 Visa Gift Card In Naira on FlipEx App?

Visa gift cards have become popular in Nigeria because of their versatility which is hinged on the fact that they are accepted by many online and offline merchants. The card is also popular for its international payment value as Nigerians utilise it for online purchases. Visa cards further give the user limited access to traditional financial services, as those without bank accounts have an alternative payment method for their transactions. 

For some, who do not intend to use their gift cards to buy any goods or services given through the value of the visa gift card, another way to make money is to trade it. Having said this, how much is a $100 Visa gift card in Nara on FlipEx worth? In this article, we shall be answering this question and many more.

Converting these gift cards to Naira unlocks its spending power within the local economy and the FlipExApp provides a convenient and safe conversion process. 

What Can a Visa Gift Card Do For a Nigerian

With the prevailing dollar-to-naira battle in Nigeria and the inability of Nigerians to pay for international online services like Apple Music, Amazon, Facebook Ads etc, prepaid gift cards like Visa have become a popular means for Nigerians to make international transactions including expressing their affection and appreciation via gifts for loved ones, and even promotional giveaways. Their convenience and ease of use have made them a hit among the Nigerian population.

Moreover, Visa gift cards hold immense value for international transactions and this enables Nigerians to make purchases from global vendors with ease. This feature has further boosted their appeal which helps in catering to the growing demand for cross-border e-commerce.

Interestingly, some Nigerians have found an innovative way to monetise their gift cards. Rather than using them to purchase goods or services, they opt to trade them for cash. By converting these gift cards into the local currency (Naira), they unlock their spending power within the Nigerian economy. FlipExApp facilitates this process, offering a secure and hassle-free conversion experience.

We will delve into every detail surrounding the conversion of a $100 Visa gift card to Naira on the FlipEx platform and provide valuable insights for those interested in maximising the value of their gift cards in Naira.

Why Knowing Your Visa Gift Cards Naira Value Matters

Knowing how much this gift card is worth is important because it helps you find out how the fluctuating exchange rates directly impact the Naira value received for the traded Visa gift card.

It also helps one stay informed on the best possible conversion rate.

What Is FlipEx’s Role In The Conversion Of Your $100 Visa Gift Card to Naira?

FlipEx's role in all this is to offer a transparent and user-friendly platform for checking current conversion rates, which comes in handy when you use their Rate Calculator. They also help provide real-time quotes based on various factors like card type and market demand, while enabling informed decision-making before converting your gift card to Naira.

By understanding these factors, you can leverage FlipEx to maximise the value of your Visa gift card conversion in Nigeria.

How Much Is a $100 Visa Gift Card In Naira On Flipex?

According to the latest information from the FlipEx Rate Calculator, you can exchange a $100 Visa Gift Card for Naira on FlipEx for the value of N1,180 per dollar, meaning that you will get N118,000 if you trade a $100 Visa gift card on FlipEx.

How to Convert a $100 Visa Gift Card to Naira on FlipEx?

You can go through the following process to trade a $100 Visa gift card in Naira on FlipEx. First, download the FlipEx App from the Google Play Store for your Android devices or from the Apple App Store on your Apple device. Then you open an account if you are new or log into your account if you are an existing customer.

After that, click on the “Sell Gift Cards” button which will show you the page where you will find the gift card you wish to trade to Naira. Select “Visa” and select the currency in which the gift card is valued; which is in US Dollars.

You will need to select the denomination of the gift card you wish to trade. You can find denominations of $50, $100 and $500. Choose your preferred denomination. Input the amount of Visa Gift cards you wish to convert to Naira. You will see the value calculated as you input your value through FlipEx’s rate calculator.

Input the details of the Visa gift card you wish to trade to Naira. You may need to upload an image of the card if it is a physical card or put in the ecode if the gift card is electronic. Click on “Trade Now” and voila! You will receive an alert of a successful transaction in a moment.

Final Thoughts

Understanding the conversion rate for your $100 Visa gift card in Naira is crucial to maximise its value in Naira. Knowing the exact exchange rate ensures you get the most out of your Visa gift card, avoiding hidden fees or unfavourable rates. FlipEx eliminates guesswork and hidden charges, showing you the exact amount you'll receive in Naira upfront.

Don't settle for less! Explore FlipEx today and see how much more you could get for your $100 Visa gift card in Naira. Our user-friendly platform, commitment to transparency and top-notch support team, makes us the perfect solution to convert gift cards with confidence. Check us out and unlock the true value of your Visa gift cards!

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