What are Gift Cards With Good Rates?

What are Gift Cards With Good Rates?

People do say information is power, whether in business or other aspects of life. However, getting to know what value your asset like a gift card holds can help you make better choices than others. In this article, we shall be answering the question: what are gift cards with good rates? We will focus on ten gift cards that offer excellent Naira exchange rates for maximum value. Before we plunge in, you should understand that FlipEx’s Rate Calculator is handy to help you find out the best rates for trading your gift cards to Naira.

Apple Gift Card

The undisputed Apple gift card unlocks a universe of iPhones, iPads, MacBooks, and beyond. Its exchange rate hovers around N1,000 - N1,100 per dollar, making it a top choice for tech enthusiasts and Apple aficionados. Currently on FlipEx, you can trade Apple gift cards for N1,030 per dollar.

Steam Gift Card

Steam gift cards fuel virtual adventures on popular gaming platforms. With exchange rates around N900 - N1,000 per dollar, Steam gift cards offer a generous bang for your buck, perfect for topping up in-game purchases or acquiring coveted new titles. On FlipEx, they trade at an attractive N1020 per dollar.

Google Play Gift Card

Dive into the world of apps, games, movies, and music with Google Play. Exchange rates range from N700 - N730 per dollar, making it a budget-friendly option for Android users seeking digital entertainment. FlipEx offers you the chance to trade your Google Play gift card at the rate of N730 per dollar. 

Macy's Gift Card

From designer labels to everyday essentials, Macy's caters to diverse tastes. Exchange rates fluctuate around N1,000 - N1,080 per dollar in the market, making it a versatile choice for fashionistas and homeware enthusiasts; but FlipEx currently trades it for N1080 per dollar.

Target Gift Card

Your one-stop shopping heaven, Target offers everything from groceries to electronics. Exchange rates sit between N1,020 - N1,120 per dollar, making it a practical and convenient pick for families and budget-conscious shoppers. You can trade this gift card for N880 per dollar on FlipEx. Converting Target gift cards to Naira is  very easy and secure on FlipEx

Sephora Gift Card

Meant for pampering yourself or a loved one with beauty indulgence at Sephora, this gift card’s exchange rates hover around N1,070-1,170 Naira per dollar, and it truly unlocks a world of cosmetics, fragrances, and skincare goodies. FlipEx currently trades Sephora gift cards at N1,000 per dollar, here is how.

Razer Gold Gift Card

Gamers with a penchant for Razer gear can use their Razer Gold gift cards to fuel purchases within the Razer ecosystem. With exchange rates reaching up to N1,250 per dollar, they are a niche but valuable option for dedicated Razer fans. Razer gold gift cards can be traded for N1,000 per dollar on Sephora.

Foot Locker Gift Card

Sneakerheads can use their Foot Locker gift cards to unlock the latest kicks and sportswear, with exchange rates ranging from N1,060 - N1,160 per dollar. It's a surefire way to score points with sneaker enthusiasts. You can trade yours on FlipEx at N990 per dollar.

Nordstrom Gift Card

For those seeking luxury fashion and designer brands, Nordstrom beckons. Exchange rates fluctuate around N1,100 - N1,200 Naira per dollar, making it a premium choice for discerning shoppers with a taste for the finer things. On FlipEx, you can trade your Nordstrom gift card at N1,000 per dollar. Find out how to sell Nordstrom gift cards for Naira.

Important Notice

These market rates are estimates at the time of writing this article. They can fluctuate slightly as a result of the fluctuating exchange rates but you can always check out the FlipEx rate calculator to find out the current rates of these gift cards.

Final Thoughts

With this guide in hand, you can also navigate through the FlipEx rate calculator to get daily gift card rates, ensuring you choose the gift card that offers the best value and puts a smile on the recipient's face. You can also take a look at how to convert gift cards to Naira in Nigeria here. Happy gifting!

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